First and foremost, especially when celebrating a little kiddos birthday, don’t EVER apologize for not being able to offer what you feel would make their birthday more special.  Kids take their cues from us Moms and Dads.  For most young ones, they won’t know any different unless you tell them.  Which we will NOT DO! :)  This is a time for family.  So let's make this the best birthday EVER!


  1. Use sidewalk chalk to write “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” on the driveway!

  2. Create a banner using plain 8x11 paper, a sharpie, and some string.  Make it say “HONK FOR ______’S BIRTHDAY” and hang in on the garage door, or drape it on a porch!

  3. Blow up any balloons you have lying around the house the night before and put them in the birthday child's room as a surprise when they wake up!

  4. Order McDonalds for breakfast!  Happy Meal with pancakes please! :) Thank you Uber Eats/Skip the Dishes! 

  5. It's cake making time!  Get everyone involved with this one.  No cake mix?  No problem!  A simple cake and icing can be made with a few ingredients (no chemicals or preservatives added :) .  Decorating it will be the most fun when you look through the cupboards to add anything and EVERYTHING FUN!  Chocolate chips, fruit loops, leftover halloween candy, whatever…kids choice!  If you want to make it a theme cake, take a look through your child's toys to find any smaller toys that could work to set on top of the cake.

  6. Every 1/2-1 hour or so, everyone in the house must STOP what they're doing to all join in singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY around the birthday child!  This will then be followed by a small treat. (1 or 2 smarties, m&m’s, chocolate chips.  Keep it small as this will continue throughout the day.)

  7. Make your own cake topper using construction paper, scissors, tape and a toothpick!  Get creative!  Perhaps you even find a picture of their fav character on the front of a colouring book to cut out and tape/glue to the topper!

  8. Ask the child what their favourite activity has been over the past few weeks and do it again! No need for more teacher links or mom-groups.  Sometimes all we need to do is ask THEM what they want to do.  It could be just as simple as a bike ride or a game of Twister!

  9. As their lunchtime treat, let them build their OWN lunch plate with WHATEVER they want!  Yes moms you read right… don’t get involved!  They will be so uber excited to have free run of the kitchen they may even surprise you and grab a cucumber. :)  

  10. Plan a Zoom call with friends and family around cake time to all sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY and watch them blow out their candles.


There it is guys!!!! Follow all these pointers and it’s sure to be a day to remember for years to come, and not for reasons on the news.  But rather because of the much needed family time and memories you’ve now made. 


10 Ideas for a memorable birthday at home!