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About Me

Hi, I’m Meghan!  I love ALL things ‘party’ related, and if I can add in some balloon decor, I’m in my glory!  Before starting this business, I used to go above and beyond for any dinner party or holiday gathering we hosted.  Now, i’m not talking anything food related here guys… just decor! LOL.  Tablescapes, custom cocktails, favours, photo booths, you name it!  My husband would be watching some game on the couch, and beside him I would sit and start blabbing away about the theme and decor plan for our upcoming party.  After going through it all in animated detail (because that’s me! ) he would say, “Sounds awesome hun, but this is a ‘dinner party’.  What is the menu for ‘dinner’?” And my answer to that was always “I don’t know, that's your job!  LOL.  Every one has their strengths, right?  So, from there I began planning and decorating bridal showers, and after that, baby showers for my immediate family before finally taking the leap to start my own business! 


Why would someone like YOU need a event planner or decorator?  It’s simple.  Your time is precious.  Unlike money, your time is an un-renewable resource.  No one has enough time in the day as it is to juggle making lunches, soccer practice, swimming lessons, putting a healthy meal on the table (or not-so-healthy at times because we’re all human), bedtime routines, all while working 9-5 to provide for your family!?!? Now, throw in trying to put together a birthday party for your 5 year old… or maybe even HOST a baby shower? (YIKES!)  Where does the time come from?  Do yourself a favour and call me so you don’t have to stress EVER again!  SERIOUSLY!  I’m just an email away, and its done for you!  It’s that simple. :)


I’d like to consider myself a big supporter of small businesses like myself so if you have a business and you want to brainstorm a collaboration perhaps?  Let me know!  I’d love to hear from you.  In the meantime, don’t forget to like us on social media @bymeghankate to follow what we’re up to!


 Cheers guys!


Photo Gallery


Classic Bouquets

All of our balloon are the highest quality latex, pre-stretched and treated with hi-float for maximum float time.

Starting at $2.


From 5ft to 20ft and every length in between!  Let us create that wow !

Starting at $75

3Ft Balloons

Huge, stunning, and completely customizable!

Starting at $50.


Always a fav! Perfect addition to any shower gift, or as a centrepiece.  Starting at $25.

Other Fun Stuff!

Hoops, balloon monsters, fish, and more crazy stuff!

Starting at $15

Table Styling

Adding different hights, garlands and custom accents make our tables jaw-droppingly beautiful!

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